Organ Meats & Bones

  • Beef Kidney Beef Kidney Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Beef Kidney

    Our Montana Ranch and Cattle Grass-Fed Beef Kidney is a nutrient-rich organ meat that is perfect for those looking to incorporate a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals into their diet. Sourced from grass-fed cattle, our beef kidney is of the highest...
    $6.58 - $10.95
  • Beef Liver Beef Liver Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Beef Liver

    Indulge in the rich and robust flavors of our Grass Fed Beef Liver from Montana Ranch and Cattle Company. Sourced from the finest quality cattle raised with care, our Beef Liver is a nutrient-dense delicacy that offers a plethora of health benefits in...
    $9.07 - $20.73
  • Cheek Meat Cheek Meat Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Cheek Meat

    Our Grass-Fed Cheek Meat is a unique delicacy. If you’re in the mood to braise something special, this butcher’s cut is what you’re looking for. The muscles that get the best workouts typically have the most flavor, and our...
    $7.67 - $14.24
  • Grass-Fed Beef Heart Grass-Fed Beef Heart cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Grass-Fed Beef Heart

    Discover the bold, nutrient-rich delight of our Grass-Fed Beef Heart from Montana Ranch and Cattle, a choice for the culinary adventurous and health-conscious alike. Harvested from cattle grazed on the pristine pastures of Montana, this beef heart offers...
    $3.58 - $29.56
  • Knuckle Soup Bones Knuckle Soup Bones cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Knuckle Soup Bones

    Our Grass-Fed Knuckle Soup Bones have multiple uses to make your family and your best friend satisfied! Make hearty homemade stock like never before when you add our soup bones in the mix! Or just hand it over to your favorite...
    $8.94 - $46.22
  • Marrow Bones Marrow Bones Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Marrow Bones

    Indulge in the rich and savory flavors of our Grass-Fed Beef Marrow Bones, carefully selected from the front leg for optimal taste and quality. Each pack contains pure gastronomic delight waiting to be explored.When roasted to perfection, these marrow...
    $27.44 - $34.59
  • Neck Bones Neck Bones Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    Neck Bones

    Our Grass-Fed Beef Neck Bones are approximately 30% meat and 70% bone which is an ideal combination for beef soup. Home soup chefs will find Beef Neck Bones superb for making soup because no other bones or meat will be required. If you are...
    $3.97 - $27.80
  • Sweetbreads Sweetbreads cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company


    Our Grass-Fed Sweetbreads are a delicious, unique experience from Montana Ranch and Cattle. Sweetbread is a culinary name for the thymus or pancreas. Popular with culinary explorers, the best beef sweetbreads reward any cooking style...
    $5.98 - $14.95
  • Tongue beef Tongue beef cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company


    An delicacy that is gaining popularity, our Grass-Fed Beef Tongue is a wonderfully tender and flavorful treat. Preparation is easy, just simmer the tongue until tender and then shred or slice to enjoy. With a flavor that is often compared to...
    $23.93 - $29.80