Our Story

It all began in 1836 with my great-great-great grandfather Benjamin Franklin Bryant, Son of Nathan Bryant and Rebecca Little, born 15 March 1800 in, Wilkes County, Georgia and died on 25 March 1857 in, Milam County, Texas.


Benjamin Franklin Bryant and wife Roxana (Price)


Benjamin Franklin Bryant Grave Stone

Benjamin Franklin Bryant recruited a company of men to join Sam Houston, March 1836, , Sabine County, Coahuila Y Texas, Mexico. Benjamin Bryant was unanimously elected captain of the company. The mens mounts were 'Texas ponies,' and they were armed with long rifles.

From Polygotch Creek, they passed through Nacogdoches, and crossed the Trinity River at Robbins Ferry. They traveled from Robbins Ferry to Washington-on-the-Brazos with some difficulty, as the road was full of citizens fleeing in what later became known as 'The Runaway Scrape.'

At Washington, they learned of the fall of the Alamo, and the massacre at Goliad. They could not cross at Washington because of the masses of people attempting to cross the other way, so they proceeded down the east side of the Brazos to Groces Ferry, arriving there on 30 March.

On 31 March, Bryant crossed the Brazos and met with General Sam Houston to offer the services of his company for a 30 day enlistment (Bryant believing that the enemy would be engaged within that time frame, and the men of the company wanting to return at the end of that time to see to their ranching and farming.)

My great-great grandfather Samuel Houston Bryant was born at Bryant Station, Milam County, Texas on November 10, 1842. His father, Benjamin Franklin Bryant was a hero of the Battle of San Jacinto and an Indian agent. His mother was Rebecca Parker Bryant. Sam married Susan Weaver Anderson on September 26, 1858. He and Susan came to Los Angeles County, California with his half-brother, Barney Bryant (and his wife Jemina Burks Bryant). They were all living in Los Angeles County in the 1860 census. The name of Samual Houston Bryant is not only prominent in the family tree - it is recorded in the history of California. He was in the posse that captured California's notorious outlaw, Tiburcio Vasquez in 1874. During the years 1865-1878 grandpa Bryant was one of the first constables in Los Angeles pueblo after having left his native Texas in 1860. Sam and Susan had 17 children. The family lived in Nevada, Oregon and Montana as cattle ranchers before moving to Gilroy, California. When Sam died in 1937, he had over 100 living descendants.


Great-great Grandma and Grandpa Samuel Houston Bryant with their horse and buggy on the Cattle Ranch

My great grandfather David Windbegler Bryant was born on 11 October 1872 in Los Angeles County, California and died on 21 September 1941 in San Mateo County, California. He owned a large cattle ranch in Modoc County, California. David married my beautiful great grandma Birdie Georgia Warren about 1893 in California. Birdie was born on 13 August 1875 in California and died on 26 April 1954 in San Mateo County, California.