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We specialize in hand-cut, grass-fed Beef and Lamb, No antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. No vaccines including No mRNA vaccine.

Our Tradition of Excellence

Our Pledge to You

We are committed to offering the finest American Grass Fed Beef of unparalleled quality. Every cut of beef we provide is carefully sourced from our family-owned and operated business, which has been thriving for 187 years. We collaborate closely with our local ranching partners to ensure the utmost excellence in our products. Our team of skilled American butchers takes great pride in their craft, ensuring that each cut is prepared with exceptional attention to detail. Moreover, we prioritize the humane treatment of our cattle, and our sustainable practices reflect our dedication to both the environment and the welfare of the animals.

NO mRNA Vaccines, Vaccines, Antibiotics, Hormones, or Steroids


When you join us, you’re joining a sustainable community focused on caring about animals and our planet, improving the livelihoods of ranchers, and sharing better meals together.

High-Quality Meat

We believe every family deserves to eat high-quality, locally sourced, 100% American grass fed, grass finished beef. All raised without antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or vaccines and using sustainable grazing and pasture management.


Our meat is dry aged for flavor and frozen for freshness. Your ranch to table monthly delivery of high-quality meat supports local American ranches. Once you taste the difference, you'll never go back.

Premium Value

Flexible delivery to home. Orders will fit into your existing refrigerator freezer and because of our vacuum seal, no freezer burn and no waste. Shopping from home giving you more time for the important things in life.


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Mary S.Houston, Tx

Excellent beef. Fantastic Service. The flavor of your 'New York' Strip was just perfect. I can't wait to grill one more. Bold flavor with an exceptional taste.

Sarah M.Kansas, Ks

Montana is the definition of Cattle Ranching. I have never had a steak that taste so good. And wow was it tender. Even my picky children loved your steaks. I love Montana Ranch and Cattle Company beef and highly recommend it to everyone. It truly is Exceptional Beef.

William A.St. Petersburg, Fl

The 'Yellowstone' Filet Mignon is the most tender and best tasting steak I have ever had. My Filet was also the right size. Awesome taste and just delicious.