Ground Beef & Trim

  • 'Kansas' Stew Meat Raw Kansas Stew Meat Cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    'Kansas' Stew Meat

    Our Grass-Fed 'Kansas' Stew Meat is a premium beef trim sourced from the chuck, brisket, rib, and plate cuts. With no added hormones, antibiotics, or mRNA vaccines, this hormone-free meat is dry aged for superior flavor and nutrition...
    $6.58 - $12.52
  • 'Tombstone' Ground Beef (Grass fed) 'Tombstone' Ground Beef (Grass fed) cooked
    Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

    'Tombstone' Ground Beef

    Indulge in the savory delight of our renowned Grass-Fed 'Tombstone' Ground Beef, a household favorite that has earned accolades such as "My children won't eat any other kind of meat!" Specially dry-aged for 12 days, our ground beef is expertly crafted...
    $8.68 - $12.43