Grass-Fed Beef Heart

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

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$8.95 per lb

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Discover the bold, nutrient-rich delight of our Grass-Fed Beef Heart from Montana Ranch and Cattle, a choice for the culinary adventurous and health-conscious alike. Harvested from cattle grazed on the pristine pastures of Montana, this beef heart offers not only a depth of flavor but also a powerhouse of nutrients.

Packed with protein, B-vitamins, iron, and coenzyme Q10, the beef heart is an exceptional cut that supports a healthy lifestyle while providing a savory eating experience. Its rich, meaty texture makes it perfect for a range of preparations, from searing and slicing for a unique appetizer to slow-braising in a hearty stew.

Our Grass-Fed Beef Heart is meticulously prepared, ensuring each cut is lean and tender, offering a cleaner, purer taste than conventional beef. Embrace a traditional delicacy that is both wholesome and satisfying. Whether you’re looking to explore new flavors or seeking a lean, nutritious alternative to conventional cuts, our Grass-Fed Beef Heart is an excellent choice to enrich your culinary adventures.

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