'Bushwhacker' Teres Major/Petite Tender

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$17.95 per lb

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Our Grass-Fed 'Bushwhacker' Teres Major steak, also called the Petite Tender, is the best bang for your buck in the world of steak.  These steaks are HARD to find so if you come across some, buy every single one and stick the extras in the freezer. You will thank me later.

This is a flavorful and INCREDIBLY TENDER steak that comes from the chuck primal.  These steaks are a whole muscle that weigh about a pound and there are only two steaks per head of beef.

The steak is just slightly less tender than the filet mignon and has much more flavor.  The kicker is that the Petite Tender, on a per pound basis, is 1/3 the cost of a filet mignon.