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'Oregon Trail' Picanha Coulotte

  • High-Quality Grass-Fed
  • No mRNA vaccines
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • No Steroids
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The Picanha Coulotte is a very flavorful boneless cut of steak endowed with a rich beefy taste. It is impressive when prepared with just a bit of salt. Coulotte is another cut of beef that is taken from the sirloin cap, a section that is considered to be most tender and most flavorful.

The 'Coulotte' is cut from the top sirloin, and also known by the name 'Sirloin Cap' due to its fat cap that gives it great flavor! Even though considered lean, Coulotte Steak is exceptionally tender and has excellent marbling. It's a grilling favorite that pairs well with smoky or spicy rubs, and is best served medium rare, sliced thin against the grain. 


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