Flank Primal

Primal Cut

Located below the Loin and home to the Flank Steak. Cuts from this area are lean, very flavorful, and best when braised, or marinated and grilled.

Flank primal cut diagram (Beef)

More about Flank Primal

Sub-Primal Cuts

Flank Steak, London Broil, Ground Beef.


Located on the underside or belly of the cow and contains many fibers with the steak. The meat is generally cut against the grain after cooking to make the meat more tender.

Ideal size

Flank Steak is a little bit thick than skirt steak and is usually very long. The average weight is about 2-4 lbs.

Fat Content

All sub primal cuts of the flank contain less than 10g of fat and are considered to be lean cuts. By portion, each steak contains an average of 11% fat content.

Best Cooking Methods

The Flank Steak is usually marinated for long periods of time or overnight them coated with a dry rub. It is then grilled to medium and cut into bite-sized strips.

Preparation Methods

Tenderize this cut of meat with a meat mallet or meat tenderizer seasoning before cooking it. Also, it is preferred by many to marinate the flank steak in a highly acidic marinade. Acidic marinades contain juice from fruit like limes and lemons which help even further to tenderize meat.

We should choose this type

This type of meat is perfect for making fajitas or stir-fry. Sometimes the steak is added to salads or pizzas as a topping as well.

Type of Grill/Smoker when BBQing

Direct heat grill or open flame grill.

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