Why is Ethical and Sustainable Ranching Important?

Why is Ethical and Sustainable Ranching Important?

Montana Ranch and Cattle is committed to ethical and sustainable ranching practices. The beef you’re about to enjoy is only as good as the land where it’s raised. It’s a difference you can taste. We have the greatest meat on earth. Our naturally raised beef tastes truly exceptional. With our beef, you can enjoy the privilege of savoring a 100% naturally raised steak and you will never go back to industrial beef.


What makes the difference? Cattle are grazing animals. They are created to walk open ranges and feed on rain-grown grass. Rain and snow deliver fresh water, while plants that grow in fertile soil deliver the right mix of minerals and nutrients cattle need. Combined with the freedom to move about the open range, cattle get the exercise nature intends. This produces beef the way nature intended it. The look, texture, and above all, the taste is what it’s supposed to be.


Family ranchers understand this. Their livelihood is tied to the quality of their land, the water and grass that make the beef truly exceptional. That’s why our suppliers forego intense, industrial methods of raising beef. Such methods might be more profitable, but they are unsustainable. Industrialized ranchland gives way to dusty feedlots where the conditions are both unpleasant and unsavory. Cattle are pumped full of hormones, and the feedlots are required to add fat to the beef. Meats can be dyed, but the difference can still be tasted. That is why so many people need steak sauces and other toppings to disguise the suboptimal flavor.


Montana Ranch and Cattle steaks do not need anything more than good grilling. When properly prepared, a little butter, some salt or pepper is all that is needed. Most of our customers insist on eating them plain because they are just that good. Why mess with perfection?

When you join us, you’re joining a community focused on caring about animals and our planet, improving livelihoods for ranchers, and sharing better meals together.

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