What Does Beef Have to Do With Free Education? Find Out!

What Does Beef Have to Do With Free Education? Find Out!

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is boosting support for FREE education this month with a 20% OFF sale. (Use the code MRC20 at checkout!)


Montana Ranch and Cattle Company donates ALL of its operating profits to support free education, and this month they are boosting support with a special sale.  By offering an unprecedented 20% off on ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth,’ they hope to attract new customers like you, who will feel good knowing they are shaping the future with every delicious bite.


Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business that has a mission to support free education. This isn’t a new practice, but rather the continuation of a tradition that dates back to the time of the California Missions. The California Missions raised cattle, as many as a quarter-million head, to support their missionary activities. Chief among those activities was education.


The family behind Montana Ranch and Cattle has been in the business since 1836, and they have always focused on service and sustainability. By avoiding the temptation to turn to industrial methods of ranching, Montana Ranch and Cattle can pride itself on a pristine record of ethics and sustainability. All their cattle of grass-fed, ethically and humanely treated. There are no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones used, and the meat is hand-cut and packaged in-house. This ensures you get the world’s ultimate, dry-aged beef that’s packed with flavor and nutrients.


For a limited time, Montana Ranch and Cattle is hosting a sale, where customers can enjoy 20% off all meat products. Just use the promo code, MRC20 at checkout.


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