Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a Different Kind of Company - Here is Why!

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a Different Kind of Company - Here is Why!

We are a different kind of company.

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is different. Our purpose is to provide ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth.’ How exactly do we do this?

Since 1836, we have proudly raised our cattle, ethically and sustainably on the open range.

Most store-bought meats are produced on an industrial scale, with methods that are focused on profits, not quality. Visit any feedlot and you’ll instantly see the issues with such an approach. Its sole purpose is to put beef onto plates and make money. There is little attention to quality or taste.

We believe the meats we produce deserve a certain respect. We source our beef from small, family farms instead of industrial operations. We only accept cattle from ranchers who raise their animals on wide-open ranches where cattle can graze on sweet, rain watered grass. This directly affects the taste, texture, and quality of the beef. Next, we use a select butcher to hand-cut each steak. We only offer prime cuts that are the most tender, juicy, and mouth-watering. Each cut is aged using centuries old techniques. We do not rush to market, the goal quality not speed. 

Only after inspecting and certifying each cut do we pack and ship your custom order, fresh to your door. 

Why do we do this when we could make a lot more by using industrial techniques? It’s because we care. We care about the animals we raise. And we care about you, our customers. We appreciate the difference a good cut of meat makes. We understand that families gather to enjoy a great meal. We don’t just provide a steak or roast. We provide an experience that you will taste and remember. 

It hasn’t been easy to stay in business for 186 years, especially when the pressure to chase profits over quality is so strong. But if we had given in to that, we wouldn’t be here today. It’s been a long ride, and we’re excited you’ve found us.

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