Our Story - 186 Years of Our Family Ranch Tradition -  Dating Back to 1836

Our Story - 186 Years of Our Family Ranch Tradition - Dating Back to 1836

Tradition has a flavor, unlike any other. It’s the taste of quality and freshness that you can’t get anywhere else, and that flavor is found in Montana Ranch and Cattle beef. Here’s the story of how the world’s greatest beef came to be.


Our extraordinary story of Montana Ranch and Cattle Company begins in 1836, when the Republic of Texas was declared. Our founder, Captain Benjamin Franklin Bryant, was issued a land grant in recognition for his service at the Battle of San Jacinto. The enterprise that began 186 years ago in Texas, would later become Montana Ranch and Cattle Company.


Captain Bryant’s sons and grandsons carried on the family business of cattle ranching, establishing family ranches from Texas, to California, to Idaho, and Montana. During that century-and-half of time, the descendants of Captain Bryant learned how to work with the land to raise prized cattle that produced truly exceptional beef.


In recent decades, the number of family ranches carrying on Captain Bryant’s legacy has dwindled, leaving Montana Ranch and Cattle Company to continue nearly two centuries of tradition. The last, direct ranching descendants of Captain Bryant carefully raise their own beef on the family ranch in Montana’s gorgeous Flathead Valley. They also work with other, local ranchers who follow traditional and natural methods of ranching. Together, they provide the exclusive source of exceptional beef that’s only available to you through Montana Ranch and Cattle Company.


We work hard to do what is right by our cattle, our customers, and the family tradition. By using centuries old techniques of ranching and preparing beef, we serve the greatest beef in the world. When it comes to taste, tenderness, flavor, and quality, nothing else comes close.


Now it’s time for the next chapter of this story, and your part. Now you get to enjoy the product of 186 years of family tradition by selecting your favorite cuts of exceptional beef to be delivered fresh, from our farm to your table.


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When you join us, you’re joining a community focused on caring about animals and our planet, improving livelihoods for ranchers, and sharing better meals together.

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