Never Run Out of 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' - Fill Your Freezer Today

Never Run Out of 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' - Fill Your Freezer Today

Montana Ranch and Cattle just opened the ‘Local Market of the Future’ in Bakersfield, California. The market provides fresh cuts of beef, dry-aged the old-fashioned way to local and online customers. This cuts out greedy middlemen and ensures you get ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’.


Now is the time to fill your freezer with everything from delicious ‘Summer Camp’ T-Bone Steaks, to our mouth-watering, ‘Bunkhouse’ Top Sirloin, and our most-popular ‘Tombstone’ Ground Beef. With our Big Beef Sale on all meat, including our Steaks and Roasts, now is the best time to fill your freezer.


Montana Ranch and Cattle Company has been in the cattle business since 1835. That’s not a typo, that’s 185 years of experience! It’s nice to know that if your local grocer runs low on beef because the economy tanks, the trucks stop delivering, or the shelves are cleared in a panic, that you have a freezer full of excellent meat for your family, thanks to Montana Ranch and Cattle.


Montana Ranch and Cattle is passionate about providing the very best cuts of 100% grass-fed beef. They don’t use antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. This uncompromising approach means you get an amazing cut of beef that’s rich with flavor from natural marbling. You can expect a memorable eating experience every time.


In celebration, Montana Ranch and Cattle is offering a special sale to all their customers, with a 20% off promo code MRC20. It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’ to all their customers, and to those who haven’t yet tried ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth.’ It’s also you chance to fill your freezer with amazing savings. It’s a fast, convenient way to save yourself a drive to the store.


Click the link below to place your order and do not forget to use the promo code!

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