A Rancher's Favorite Meal After a Long Day of Work?

A Rancher's Favorite Meal After a Long Day of Work?

It’s a rare occasion when my day ends early, but today was one of those days. Before going inside, I dusted off my clothes, removed my work boots and pushed them under the bench, and washed up.

The tractor was working again, the animals were fed, and all the daily chores that come with working the family ranch were done. I promised my youngest I’d watch a movie with her before bedtime, and I am nothing if I’m not a man of my word. Inside the house was my motivation: a shower, supper, and my family.

Life as a rancher is tough, as you can imagine. I work long hours, especially during summer. Up before dawn, there’s animals to feed, fences to mend, fields to work, and that’s all before noon. A lot of times I miss lunch, so you can imagine how hungry and tired a man can get.

By nightfall, the animals are fed and back in their pens, the equipment is parked and maintained, and often, my family is in bed. It’s tough because sometimes you hardly see them. And supper consists of whatever leftovers there are. So, on a day when I finish early, all I want is a hot meal, a cold beer, and my family.

As soon as I opened the door, Becky, my youngest, shouted “Daddy’s home!” I picked her up and gave her a big hug. At my feet lingered Apollo, our white and black border collie who follows her everywhere, keeping her safe. As I put Becky down, it hit me, the aroma of cooking steaks.

I went into the kitchen where my beautiful wife of 23 years was cooking my favorite meal, New York Strip Steaks, from Montana Ranch and Cattle. I gave her a big hug from behind and asked, “Are those for me?” She let out a laugh and answered, “One of them, the other is mine!”

As you can tell, I’m a meat eater, I love beef. My favorite supper is a thick, juicy steak with a rich, spicy salsa, and a giant baked potato, steaming with melting butter. This is the life!

We ordered these steaks from a neighbor, who happens to be a great American rancher, and owns Montana Ranch and Cattle. He recently opened what he calls the ‘Local Market of the Future,’ and when time is short, it’s where my wife goes to order fresh steaks and potatoes to make me a delicious home cooked meal. She orders online, picks up the meat and skips the hassle of the supermarket.

As for me, knowing she’s picked up grass-fed beef that’s hand-cut and dry-aged the old-fashioned way, warms my heart. This ensures the steaks taste the way they ought to, every bite, bursting with flavor. They call it ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’, and I agree, it is the ‘Greatest’.

After a shower and a fresh change of clothes, our supper is ready with an ice-cold beer. Afterward, it’s family movie time then off to bed.

My day may be long, but with a loving family, and ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’, you bet it’s worthwhile.



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