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Montana Ranch And Cattle Helped This Forgetful Mom In The Best Way

Montana Ranch And Cattle Helped This Forgetful Mom In The Best Way

The day started out like any other day. Wake up, start the coffee, pack my husband’s lunch, get the kids up… Everything was running pretty smooth; I even managed to leave the house on time to get the kids to school. And that’s when it happened… my youngest daughter, Amelia shouted out in her mightiest little voice from the backseat, “Don’t forget you said you’d make my favorite dinner tonight!”

“Of course! I would never forget.” I lied; I had forgotten.

I promised Amelia I would make hamburgers for dinner. After dropping all the kids off, I headed to work trying to figure out the rest of our dinner plans. I wouldn’t have time to stop off at the grocery store before getting the kids from school, and let’s face it – going grocery shopping with your children in tow is not fun for anyone. Besides, I don’t really want to feed my family just any kind of meat.

So… Plan B. My family, especially Amelia, deserves the best meat for our hamburger dinner. But where can I get that? Ding! Ding! Ding! The alarms in my head go off reminding me of what my best friend, Crystal told me last week. Montana Ranch and Cattle has the greatest meat on earth… That’s it!  We’re going to have Montana Ranch and Cattle beef for dinner, and it’s going to be perfect.

After a simple trip to, I was quickly able to order 2 lbs. of their Tombstone ground beef and I even got the choice between delivery and pick up! As an added bonus, everything was 20% off! Right before school pickups, I was able to quickly grab my order from Montana Ranch and Cattle’s Bakersfield Ranch. Obviously, I thought to myself, “How could this get any better?”

But, believe it or not, it did get better. After getting home and beginning dinner, the house was full of delicious aromas and the smiles on my children’s faces were priceless. And that was before they even got to taste it.

Once dinner was served and those first bites were taken, I knew I made the right decision getting Montana Ranch and Cattle beef. My Amelia exclaimed, “This is everything I wanted! You’re the best momma!”

With Montana Ranch and Cattle, this forgetful momma became the best momma with the Greatest Beef on Earth! And I will definitely be telling all my friends about Montana Ranch and Cattle’s amazing options and variety of cuts as soon as I finish this mouthwatering burger.



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