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How Do Ranching Practices Affect the Environment and Your Health?

How Do Ranching Practices Affect the Environment and Your Health?

To produce the world's greatest meat, you need good grass. This means our farmers must be good land managers. The relationship between the food you eat and the land where it's grown makes a difference. 


A lot of the beef sold cheap in stores isn't raised on grass. Instead, it's raised on grain and fodder, which are unnatural for the cattle. The animals are injected with hormones, so they grow fast on the cheap diet. The aim is profit, not quality. Unfortunately, this is what millions of people put into their bodies every day. Food produced for profit, not quality, flavor, or nutrition. We see the consequences all around us.


Producing the world's greatest beef requires healthy grass. Fortunately, nature provides this resource in ample supply. The trick is not to be too greedy.


Nature provides sweet, rain-grown grasses for cattle to eat. One of the best things we can do is leave the land alone. Let nature do what it does best. Industrial schemes pack too many cattle on too little land. This denudes the landscape and kills the grasses. That's why many ranches turn into industrial feedlots. It's a profitable way to do business. But is it ethical?


Our secret is to manage the number of cattle on the land according to how much grass is available. This varies from year-to-year with the amount of rainfall. By getting it right, we grow the number of cattle we can raise without causing the land to go barren. We even account for potential changes in the weather.


This makes beef like ours a rare find on the market. This means we are doing our part to restore and protect the environment. The cattle keep the grasses clipped, fertilized, and aerate the soil. There is no need for chemical fertilizers. The water that runs off the field into your drinking supply isn't contaminated.


Pastured land is climate friendly. Carbon and methane are food for grass. The grasses store these greenhouse gasses in the ground. Pastures don't need industrial supplies of energy to operate. That helps in the fight against climate change.


Montana Ranch and Cattle understands we are stewards of creation. Good land management is at the heart of what we do. It is our secret, and a source of pride. When you order from us, you enjoy several benefits.  You can take pride in knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment. You are contributing to animal welfare. And best of all, you enjoy the greatest meat on Earth.



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