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LIMITED TIME - 50% off Ground Beef and Roasts

Do you know what ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’ tastes like?

Do you know what ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’ tastes like?

Do you know what ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’ tastes like?

Our exceptional taste comes from how beef is raised, prepared, and delivered. That’s what makes Montana Ranch and Cattle meat, The Greatest Meat on Earth. We focus on quality and provide you, our discriminating customers, with memorable dining experiences. 

Our beef is raised naturally, grazing on the open range where sweet, rain watered grass provides the nutrients cattle need to thrive. These nutrients provide the right, natural combination of elements to make our beef truly exceptional. It’s a difference you can both see and taste with its rich color, marbling, and flavor.

Lay our plump and juicy steaks on the grill, and your mouth will water as you take in the delicious aroma. The melt in your mouth experience and flavor will convince the entire table the greatest meat on earth comes from Montana Ranch and Cattle Co. 

You can buy our exceptional meat here, online at Montana Ranch and Cattle Company. We ship direct from our ranch to your door. 

Shop now for yourself and family and start enjoying the Greatest Meat on Earth!

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Purchase $79 worth of our High-Quality Meat and receive 4 lbs of FREE Ground Beef.

MUST Purchase and Pickup ONLY at our Bakersfield Ranch.


15852 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, Ca 661 677-BEEF (2333)

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