'The Greatest Meat on Earth'

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Montana Ranch And Cattle Helped This Forgetful Mom In The Best Way

With Montana Ranch and Cattle, this forgetful momma became the best momma! I will be telling all my friends about Montana Ranch and Cattle’s amazing options and variety of cuts.

Have You Tried the Greatest Recipes on Earth? Try Them Today for Free

We know there’s more to a memorable dining experience than just beef. That’s why we have created dozens of amazing recipes that pair perfectly with our beef.

Never Run Out of 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' - Fill Your Freezer Today

It’s nice to know that if your local grocer runs low on beef because the economy tanks, or the shelves are cleared, that you have a freezer full of excellent meat for your family.

What Does Beef Have to Do With Free Education? Find Out!

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business that has a mission to serve you 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' and support free education.

What does ranching have to do with free education?

Montana Ranch and Cattle gives 100% of their profits to provide vital financial support for education. With every bite, you are supporting free education. But how does that work?

Sustainable and Ethical Ranching is What We Do Best

Our goal isn't to flood supermarket shelves with the cheapest possible products. Our goal is to provide you with the Greatest Meat in the World, with ethics, pride, and sustainability.

Does Cheap Beef Cost you MORE in the long run?

You may have heard people say, the most expensive product is a cheap one. It's true. In the case of beef, cheaper beef can be costly in many ways.

Do you think pastured beef is a good buy at the market?

Raising animals on pasture is harder, but it's worth it. Sure, it's labor-intensive, but it also provides you with a better tasting steak than raising animals in confinement.

How We Approach Challenges in Sustainability

Despite many benefits of pastured livestock, a major hurdle exists for farmers working on a small, sustainable scale to bring their products to consumers’ plates.

How Do Ranching Practices Affect the Environment and Your Health?

Montana Ranch and Cattle understands we are stewards of creation. Good land management is at the heart of what we do. It is our secret, and a source of pride.

Read About How Montana Ranch and Cattle Improves Animal Welfare!

Beef is our business, so animal welfare is important to us. Our family has over 180 years of ranching experience. We know pasture-raised beef is best.

What is Sustainable Regenerative Ranching? Why is it so Important?

Industrial ranching harms the soil, the air, and the quality of your meat.  Sustainable Regenerative Ranching does the opposite. Learn how we do it!

Do You Know What the Health Benefits of Pasture Raised Beef Are?

You are what you eat. Common sense tells us that people who eat healthy foods, packed with nutrients enjoy longer, healthier lives. There’s a growing body of research that confirms this.

Learn More About Regenerative Agriculture and Why it is So Important!

With its focus on renewing soil and working within, rather than against, natural systems, regenerative agriculture is more than a sustainable way to farm.

Our Story - 186 Years of Our Family Ranch Tradition - Dating Back to 1836

Tradition has a flavor, unlike any other. It’s the taste of quality and freshness that you can’t get anywhere els And that flavor is found in Montana Ranch and Cattle beef.

Why is Ethical and Sustainable Ranching Important?

Montana Ranch and Cattle is committed to ethical and sustainable ranching practices. The beef you’re about to enjoy is only as good as the land where it’s raised.

What’s it like to taste the greatest meat on earth? You’re about to find out!

How beef is raised, sourced, cut, and delivered makes a difference you can taste. That’s what makes Montana Ranch and Cattle different. Instead of focusing on volume, we’re focused on quality...

Do you know what ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’ tastes like?

Our exceptional taste comes from how beef is raised, prepared, and delivered. We focus on quality and provide you, with memorable dining experiences. We focus on quality and provide you, with memorable dining experiences.

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a Different Kind of Company - Here is Why!

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is different. Our purpose is to provide ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth.’ How exactly do we do this? Since 1836, we have proudly raised our cattle, ethically and sustainably on the open range.
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