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Opening Soon! Fresh Harvest Market #2
Sep 15, 2023
1420 19th St. Bakersfield, Ca. 93301 HOURSMonday - Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pmSaturday 9:00...
Now Accepting EBT
Sep 15, 2023
Welcome EBT Users Online Orders: All EBT orders, including online orders, must be picked up...
Managing the Complexities of Land & Livestock
Aug 09, 2023
WHAT IS HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT? Holistic Management gives us the power to regenerate grasslands from an...
Largest Beef Supply Drop in 40 Years
May 25, 2023
Numerous ranchers across the country are facing the most significant decline in beef supply since 1962, resulting in shrinking herds nationwide. This is leading to skyrocketing prices reminiscent of the peak inflation experienced in June 2022.
5 Reasons Feedlots are Bad for Cattle
May 24, 2023
How bad can feedlots be? After all, they supply us with a steady supply of beef. If all we care about is cheap meat, then feedlots are (supposedly) great. But for those who care about the quality of their food, then feedlots are pretty bad.
A Rancher's Favorite Meal After a Long Day of Work?
Oct 11, 2022
Life as a rancher is tough, as you can imagine. I work long hours, especially during summer. My day may be long, but with a loving family, and ‘The Greatest Meat on Earth’, you bet it’s worthwhile.
Montana Ranch And Cattle Helped This Forgetful Mom In The Best Way
Sep 26, 2022
With Montana Ranch and Cattle, this forgetful momma became the best momma! I will be telling all my friends about Montana Ranch and Cattle’s amazing options and variety of cuts.
Have You Tried the Greatest Recipes on Earth? Try Them Today for Free
Aug 17, 2022
We know there’s more to a memorable dining experience than just beef. That’s why we have created dozens of amazing recipes that pair perfectly with our beef.
Never Run Out of 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' - Fill Your Freezer Today
Aug 01, 2022
It’s nice to know that if your local grocer runs low on beef because the economy tanks, or the shelves are cleared, that you have a freezer full of excellent meat for your family.
What Does Beef Have to Do With Free Education? Find Out!
Jul 19, 2022
Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business that has a mission to serve you 'The Greatest Meat on Earth' and support free education.
What does ranching have to do with free education?
Jul 06, 2022
Montana Ranch and Cattle gives 100% of their profits to provide vital financial support for education. With every bite, you are supporting free education. But how does that work?
Sustainable and Ethical Ranching is What We Do Best
Jun 29, 2022
Our goal isn't to flood supermarket shelves with the cheapest possible products. Our goal is to provide you with the Greatest Meat in the World, with ethics, pride, and sustainability.